The impact of hepatic and renal illness on the pharmacokinetics of metaxalone has actually not been determined. In the lack of such details, Skelaxin should be used with care in patients with kidney and/or hepatic problems.

Skelaxin (metaxalone) is indicated as a complement to rest, bodily therapy, and also various other steps for the alleviation of discomforts connected with acute, unpleasant bone and joint disorders. The mode of action of this medication has actually not been plainly identified, however might be associated to its sedative properties. Metaxalone does not directly unwind stressful skeletal muscle mass in man.

Metaxalone ought to be administered with fantastic like clients with pre-existing liver harm. Serial liver feature studies must be done in these clients.

False-positive Benedict's examinations, due to an unknown lessening substance, have been noted. A glucose-specific examination will differentiate findings.

Taking Skelaxin with food could improve basic CNS depression; senior people could be specifically at risk to this CNS impact. (See CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY: PRECAUTIONS and pharmacokinetics: Information for Patients ).

Skelaxin could hinder mental and/or bodily abilities needed for performance of hazardous jobs, such as running equipment or driving an electric motor car, specifically when utilized with liquor or other CNS depressants.

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